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  • Chemdawg 4 clones

    Chemdawg 4


    Chemdawg 4 is not only a legendary medical marijuana strain, but it is recognized for creating some of the finest strains including OG Kush, Auto Oil, Sour Diesel, Stardawg and even BlueChem. Being an indica dominant strain, it has light green buds that are incredibly dense along with large calyxes.

  • Ewok


    Ewok, a cross between Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien, was the Hybrid winner of the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. Bred by Alien Genetics, Ewok is a fast-growing plant with a short vegetative cycle, but produces large yields of frost-covered buds as hairy as the Star Wars Ewoks themselves.

  • Key Lime Pie clones

    Key Lime Pie


    Key Lime Pie from Burning Bush Nurseries is a gourmet phenotype of the superstar strain Girl Scout Cookies. Selected for its strong indica characteristics and heavy resin production, this dynamic hybrid boasts flavors of lime candy, mint, and spice that spark flavors of earth and chocolate when activated by heat.

  • Clone Collector - Sunset Sherbert

Clone Collector is from California, serving medical marijuana patients with a valid doctor's recommendation state-wide.